The Whole World’s Got The Blues

On October 6th 2014, Crystal Shawanda released her new modern blues album, “The Whole Worlds Got The Blues.” She is celebrating a new era in her career, and this album sees her evolving beyond her country roots and  yet staying true to her distinctive raw and alluring vocals. She delivers an album of songs and storytelling that plumbs the depth of Roots, Blues, and Americana music and brings to mind the sounds of Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Lucinda Williams.


We sat down with Crystal to talk about her new record, heres what she had to share; 

Recording this album was like setting my voice free, switching to the blues was really just embracing where I tend to always go musically! Writing this album was me taking it back to the beginning, when writing songs was my way of dealing with the world around me, and understanding it! Songwriting was my therapy, and this album is probably the most reflective of that, and of the stuff going through my head!

Crystal what is your favourite item of clothing/ style secret and why?
On stage, any pair of heels really! Heels do for me, what that little suit does for Angus Young, it’s transforming!
Off-stage (contrary to popular belief I actually prefer not to wear heels, if I want to be going as long as Tina Turner, I need to baby my feet) I like to kick it in my Manitobah Mukluks, right now I’m rocking a pair of black fringe anklet moc’s, total native rock glam!
What is indigenous fashion to you?
Indigenous fashion to me, is a reflection of the culture, that defines our roots!
If you could tell the youth one thing about becoming a singer/ artist what would it be?
Dream big, follow your heart, be humble, be willing to learn, be willing to fall flat on your face, embrace failure, than get up and try again! To be in the music business you have to be ready for rejection, it’s hard work, but if your in it for the music, it will always be worth it!
Thank you, miigwetch!
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Crystals Official CD release party will be held this FRIDAY October 24th, at the El Macombo in downtown Toronto. Details available on Crystal’s website.
Blue Guitar/ White Mocs
Blue Guitar/ White Mocs