5 Simple Ways To Enjoy The Last Bits of Summer!

AUG 15, 2017


The days are getting shorter. The back-to-school ads and reminders for extra-curricular registrations are flowing into my (e)mailbox. My favourite local greenhouse was organizing Holiday ornaments when I went in to pick up some mulch. My kids are beginning to get antsy and actually bored of going to the beach. (Or getting bored of being bored, helping around the house and playing outside in the dirt, because I’m not into programming their days out the wazoo.) All prime examples of summer flyin’ by, right into the abominable chasm of pumpkin spice infused/flavoured everything.

However sweet the whisper of gourd adorned mantles, apple pie, warm wooly socks and comfy boots may be, it’s easy to feel some melancholy … the last day of school feels just like it was yesterday. Fear not, fellow summer warriors. The actual last day of summer is September 22, and I’m sharing some of my fave ways to enjoy more than a few more golden moments of the season! Are you with me?

(1)  Get Outside // Perhaps the most obvious of ways to squeeze out every last juicy bit of summer lovin’. Try some late summer camping and epic tent sleep-ins and cuddle-fests, or book a last minute stay-cation when cancellations or mid-week bookings make for affordable options! We love visiting local spots right through till October, making things less complicated (minimal travel and organization) with the school year underway. Catch all those vitamin D rays by hopping on your bike alone or with family/friends, visit a local beach and tour all your local brick and mortar spots!

get outside
(2) Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market // 
Locally grown, fresh produce is in abundance this time of year! Reap in some local goodness and choose from cucumber, corn, carrots, squashes, tomatoes, peaches, kale, micro and macro greens and so much more!  It’s hard to bite into a sweet, juicy peach without feeling as though summer is still here.

IMG_1373(3) Go to a Pow Wow //  Hitting the pow wow trail and festival hopping are amongst the quintessential summer activities (in my humble opinion) — especially since all pow wows are kid and family friendly — as are a number of festies. If you’re wondering about what Pow wows are happening over the next few weeks in your area, check out this guide I collaborated on!
***Special Announcement*** Manitobah Mukluks and Pendleton Canada will have a sample sale happening on all mukluks, moccasins and Pendleton products at the Rama Pow Wow in Orillia this weekend, stop by and say hi!


(4) Turnip The Beat  // See what my nerd-self did there? Since we already covered local harvest, you might glean I’m talkin’ summer tunes! There has been this stellar Indigenous radio show called Reclaimed, going down every week on CBC radio presenting all sounds and topics on celebration, resistance and reclamation. If you’re not already dialed in, stream anytime or tune in live: down on the dock, at the park soaking in a sunset, or during a long, sweet, back-roads drive.

(5) Enjoy the Solar Eclipse From Anywhere // On August 21st there are a host of destinations that will experience periods of totality during the Solar Eclipse. You don’t have to be in the direct ‘Path To Totality’ to celebrate this rare and spectacular event! We’ll be announcing a rare Manitobah Mukluks and Pendleton Canada giveaway (valued at $600!) on our Instagram later this week. So if you’re not already walking with us on one of our favourite social platforms, hop on it to stay in the loop, and find out how you can enter to win!


/// Photo 1 + 2: Spider Rock Spa Towel, Los Ojos Spa Towel + Eagle Gift Spa Towel
/// Photo 2: Harvester Suede Unlined Moccasin in ‘Oak’
/// Photo 3: Retired Legendary Pendleton Blanket (2007) designed by artist: Jesse W. Henderson. Check out any of our iconic blankets here!
/// Photo 4: Sarain Fox in front of the Manitobah and Pendleton booth at Ottawa’s Summer Solstice Pow Wow
/// Photo 5: The Arrowhead Blanket

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