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05/13/05-RANGERS-The Canadian Rangers are a reservist arm of the Canadian Armed Forces which operates exclusively in the most remote areas of the country. They carry WW2 rifles, and are involved with search and rescue operations, sovereignty patrols and assistance with various other crises.
They are expected to be able to live off the land in the harshest environments of the country. There are 4,000 Rangers in Canada, most of whom are aboriginal and have a large female presence.The 3rd Patrol Group (which is Ontario) this week held their largest combined exercise with 70 Rangers coming
in by freighter Canoe to Cheepay Island, in the middle of the Albany river, several hundred kms north of Hearst for shooting, survival and signals training.Judy Meekis is seen shooting her Lee Enfield .303 rifle along the beach.(RICHARD LAUTENS/TORONTO STAR)

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